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Desert Hot Spring spore

2009-07-04 13:49:45 by devynian

All the fireworks here SUCK so so I don't know im going to get a soda oh and i made a mission in spore galagtic adventures the name of it is chibi mission


2009-06-30 13:46:56 by devynian

who ever change my descriction of my self is dead d-e-d dead and im not a moron and yes i suck at flash i don't even have flash maker

bum bum

2009-06-30 00:54:15 by devynian

i am bored

ill tell you my secrects

2009-06-13 12:30:22 by devynian

im 10


2009-05-16 20:17:47 by devynian

Planet poketopia a great planet filled with pokeys very intelligent creaters find out what they look like next week



2009-04-30 16:04:10 by devynian

Have you ever gotten so bored that you just go on weird websites well here .Or here is another one


2009-04-18 18:44:04 by devynian

One or two beers are ok but dude their are beer gigles and then theirs BEER GOGGLE. This picture explains it.


opticle alushuns

2009-04-03 19:26:31 by devynian

look at this pictur you see a man and a woman try steping back 3 meters and see what happens.

opticle alushuns


2009-03-29 21:01:26 by devynian

the typical emo has died hair black usly have pirsings ware nothing but blac an cut them selfs.



2009-03-14 16:17:25 by devynian